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Why 'Less Is More' Is The New Trend For Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands are no longer a one-dimensional platform to market and sell your brand.

In today’s age, it is all about creating a memorable and unique experience for your visitors, and it is why using a ‘less is more’ approach pays dividends.

Achieve more with less and do it in style at your next exhibition or trade show by taking into account the following tips.

Create Ambience with Clever Lighting

Think about your exhibition stand as a gateway to educating and entertaining visitors.

Each attendee wants to be pleasantly surprised and captivated at a trade show event or exhibition. Focus on the unique experience and the personal interaction above the selling.

Let the lighting and colour choices create the overall ambience. Set the mood at your exhibition stand with custom colour schemes and lighting options. The space should feel warm and inviting, not monotone. New trends in LED lighting for exhibitions show incorporating a range of intensities and colour options to create the right mood and effects. Softer light effects are now in fashion.

Choose Minimal and Sustainable Design

The latest trends in international exhibitions indicate a focus on minimal and clean design with the clever use of product display furniture and multimedia elements. Incorporating environmentally-friendly design and décor with repurposed materials and energy-saving fixtures wherever possible as more consumers are adopting a green lifestyle. It is a must-do especially if you are promoting a green brand or concept at the show.

Finally, reduce the amount of distracting AV screens, de-clutter your marketing material, and bypass pamphlets and PowerPoint presentations.

Again, it is all about the ambience and the personal interaction, not the selling. Engage on a personal level with your prospects. Talk to them about their interests and needs.

The goal is to make your exhibition stand a memorable experience.

The Exhibitionist focuses on the design,build and manufacturing of bespoke exhibition platforms.

From design and build and to the manufacturing of exhibition stand, The Exhibitionist has got you covered.


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