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Consideration Set

Your exhibition stand must work hard on your behalf, effectively portraying your brand and communicating your products and services.Exhibitions create neutral spaces where the visitors feel more at ease than they would in traditional business-to-business and retail environment. 


It creates an ideal opportunity to meet with existing clients, meet new prospective clients, and launch new product lines and services as well as closing deals. Participating at exhibitions provides your organisation with an opportunity to put its best foot forward and create a high impact impression on clients, customers and prospects.

The purpose of your stand should be to activate a sense of interest within the event's foot traffic. 

Exhibitions are your ultimate face-to-face marketing tool.
We will make your first impression a lasting one.

Successful Exhibiting

Maximise your Exhibition Investment


Planning for Success

The key to a successful exhibition as with any other marketing and sales venture is planning.


Combine a dream with a plan and you have a goal. Determining your objectives, quantifying them and allocating a budget will be your first steps. This will narrow down the list of possible exhibitions to participate in and guide you towards the appropriate size and location of stand as well as the type of stand solution best suited to help you achieve your objectives.

Marketing & Promotional Plan

Exhibitions are an essential component of the modern marketing mix for many organisations.


Your existing strategies and campaigns should be incorporated into your exhibition involvement, but above that, the involvement itself must be leveraged in your communications. Exhibition specific promotions are an effective lure to encourage existing and prospective clients to experience a uniquely personal touchpoint, an opportunity to surprise and delight them at an interactive level.


Manning your Stand


This is a crucial component in your exhibition strategy yet it is often overlooked or merely glossed over.


As ambassadors for your brand, the team members manning your stand have the power to reinforce the initial impression created, add to it or possibly even destroy it. A detailed plan of action with conduct guidelines for your team members is a vital step of the exhibition process.


A briefing session with role-playing will reinforce how they need to interact with visitors, how they must present themselves and what objectives your organisation is striving for. 


It is important to have well-spoken and well-dressed persons to attend to your stand and client base. 

Your stand/display

A large portion of your resources should be applied to your stand to create an environment that is welcoming, a message that is well presented and highly visible.


Your stand has to pass the 7-second test - this is the time a visitor will take to decide whether to approach your stand or walk on. Stand design and display creations have evolved into a dedicated discipline that incorporates knowledge and practices from architecture, interior design and retail planning. We follow industry guidelines and regulations while pushing the boundaries thereof. 


Using your organisational values, objectives, marketing material and budget as a guideline, a designer will create a solution to best present your organisation or company. 


By combining materials, lighting, graphics, focus and flow we can create a high impact stand to serve your organisation and create a platform from which you can succeed.


Combine all of the above and you have the recipe for a successful exhibition plan, take the time to learn about and enjoy the experience of exhibiting to make the most of your involvement.

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