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System Stands

A Flexible, modular system, developed for its ease and range of assembly and configurations. The System allows for diverse, intricate designs through its modular nature and ability to house various materials such as fabric, timber, graphics panels, lightboxes and aluminium. 

As unprecedented financial restrictions continue around the globe, luxurious big-space exhibition stands are not always viable for exhibitors. Despite diminishing budgets, companies still have to maintain industry presence and high profile brand awareness, so it is not surprising that our smaller high efficiency, system exhibition solutions are becoming more and more popular.

Our clients are appreciating the financial advantages of advanced system design and build, not only because it is faster and cheaper than any other known alternative; but because it is also reusable, recyclable and reduces transport and storage costs. These modular systems are easy to assemble, disassemble and move with set costs lower than traditional custom stands, making modular stands a more economical choice. If portability is important to you, emphasize this and request that we design a display that is at the same time striking and easy to transport. Or choose from the expertly designed packages that we have on offer.

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