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  • Can I reuse a Custom Stand?
    Preferably not, as the cost to reinstall a custom stand will come in close on the original price and won’t look as good as a new stand. That is why our stands are quoted as "Rental”. All the by-products of the stands get donated to schools and those less fortunate post the exhibition installations.
  • Why do I need to provide you with a budget?
    We need to design according to a budget, as the budget informs the design, material finish and type of construction. Without a budget, even an estimation thereof, the proposed solution could miss the mark, and exceed the budget entirely.
  • What is the lead-time for the construction of a stand?
    In an ideal world, one month before the show, this will allow you enough time to plan for all other aspects of your show (brochures, staffing, pre-marketing campaigns etc).
  • In what format should I supply my artwork?
    1. Sized Artwork must be submitted by the client, print-ready, to The Exhibitionist 10 working days before the first day of build-up. 2. Artwork for digital print reproduction: Setup to 100% size, supplied in hi-res PDF format only (all text to be converted to curves) 3. Artwork for screen print reproduction: Setup at 300dpi to 30% final size, supplied in Freehand, Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign with all fonts converted to paths / curves. All linked images, content and text to be included. 4. Along with the open design files, a JPEG or PDF reference image needs to be submitted. 5. No sample proofs will be run for approval without a supplied chromalin / colour match reference. 6. For critical CI colour matches, The Exhibitionist Group of Companies shall not be held liable for colour irregularities should a chromalin or approved colour reference not be supplied with the artwork. 7. Should you require artwork, Powerhouse PLC can assist at an additional charge. 8. CMYK is used on large Fomrat prints
  • Why do I have to pay for an Engineer's Certificate
    According to structural regulations, any temporary structure larger than 2,5m requires an Engineer to sign off.
  • What is a COC?
    A COC is a "Certificate of Compliance", when any electrics are installed on a stand by our electricians, we have to submit a certificate to the event organisers to sign off the work.
  • System VS Custom Stand?
    SYSTEM Luxurious big-space exhibition stands are not always viable for exhibitors. Despite diminishing budgets, companies still have to maintain industry presence and high profile brand awareness, so it is not surprising that our smaller high efficiency, system exhibition solutions are becoming more and more popular. Our clients are appreciating the financial advantages of advanced system design and build, not only because it is faster and cheaper than any other known alternative; but because it is also reusable, recyclable and reduces transport and storage costs. These modular systems are easy to assemble, disassemble and move with set costs lower than that of traditional custom stands, making modular stands a more economical choice. If portability is important to you, emphasize this and request that we design a display that is at the same time striking and easy to transport. CUSTOM More traditional and truly custom exhibition stands are very sturdy, but generally built to be used for a once-off/specific event. They can be the more impressive and expensive option. Large custom-built exhibition stands are consistently impressive, but not usually very portable. They can be designed to meet the exact requirements of an organisation and make use of every inch of the allocated area. These stands are ideal for a new product or service launch as they can be built specifically around a chosen theme. However, these stands will be less flexible and are not entirely reusable for future exhibitions. Custom-built exhibition stands are at the pinnacle of the exhibition field and your stand will be a unique reflection of your brand.
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