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Hybrid Studios

With 2020 being a challenge for our entire industry, we have had to come up with a solution to keep the industry alive and going. We have partnered with an incredible team to bring you an outstanding online streaming solution. 



Adapt. Overcome.

Tech Facts

  • P3 LED screen set in 3 individual area layouts

  • 22m wide stage with 2 tiers of 6m deep

  • Customizable Virtual Studio Set

  • Able to do: Moving graphic backdrops, Green Screen or Combination of both

  • Full Digital Audio console with Dante Control and EAW sound

  • Studio wash lighting and Robe effects lighting

  • Watchout Media Server Screen Management

  • Virtual Streaming Servers 

  • Virtual Tracking

  • Streaming solution to all major platforms and stream solutions (eg MS Teams, Zoom, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Core Account & More)

  • Dedicated 40Mb up/downstream connectivity and venue wifi connectivity

  • Our own customizable progressive web app with in-bedded stream - including Agenda, About, past events, documents, speaker biographies, Networking and more


Our Capabilities

  • Available as an existing set that will require only client content to populate onto the LED SCREEN BACKDROPS. 

  • Alternate: single, double or 3 screen green screen virtual set. 

  • Live events or pre-record the content to utilise in a delayed live scenario (delayed live is playing back pre-recorded content with a live host/facilitator/speaker as a continuity presenter for the show – including the ability to do Q&A/polls and Surveys.  

  • Or Virtually - From 1 person single presentations – bring these to life, to multiple presenters and speakers utilizing the 3 stage areas for panel discussions, Entertainment, bands and more

  • Virtual panels dialled in from remote areas to look like they are present in studio

  • All virtual elements with full HD stream capabilities to multiple platforms or stream servers

  • In-venue guests following all presented content on the LED screens. 

  • Space to handle in house guests, particularly awards shows with recipients in the audience able to walk up and receive their awards

  • Car shows with the ability to house the car reveal on the centre stage

  • TV shows as a TV set

  • Comedy and artist performances with live interactive backgrounds

  • Church and house of worship set – pre-record or live

  • Ideally suited to host: press conferences, product launch, webinars and corporate conferences

Virtual Sets

We have various pre-designed sets to choose from, each set contains various camera angles that can be used as per your requirements. 

Not seeing what you have in mind? We can custom design a set to match your needs.

How does it work or what can I change on the pre-design sets?

1. Choose from our pre-designed sets or meet with our team to get a custom design. 

2. We require your branding or content to place in the allocated areas on the screen. This can be logos, product images, video content, presentations etc. (Please note these areas are indicated by either The Exhibitionist Logo and The Hybrid Studios logo) All content areas are set up to be full HD (1920x1080p)

3. Customise accent colour: The Faux LED lines can be changed to match your CI, product or colour scheme

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