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Spice Up Your Stand With The Latest Trends In Exhibition Design

Every year, companies looking to exhibit at commercial and trade shows need to come up with innovative solutions to display their product and services, even better than before. It is true especially in the context of participation in similar annual events, where audiences have already got accustomed with the latest brand representation, but continue to develop higher expectations.

Companies are therefore wise to keep abreast with the latest developments in the industry and integrate the best technology, materials, and display available. Luckily, showcases like Euroshop, the largest international trade fair in the exhibition industry, provide new inspiration to companies and brands looking to capitalise on what is hot and trending. Below are our suggestions.

Immersive Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) may be the latest technologies to make an impact, but this kind of cutting-edge tech is still beyond reach for many exhibitors. If the costs of integrating interactive technologies into your stand design are a major concern, you can rely on foolproof engagement tools through social media feeds, messaging and mobile apps to create an immersive experience with your audience.

Another idea is to make use of dynamic displays and programmable LEDs (LED lightboxes) to attract visitor attention. Install animated screens that change colour when visitors are near your stand, and position eye-catching displays on video screens in strategic places. See the following point.

Lighting and Backlighting

Use LED lighting to create different moods and effects. The new trends indicate customisable softer effects and different intensities. Backlighting and LED lightboxes with advanced lighting, effects, and intensities are also a new thing that takes product display and advertising to a new level.

Natural Materials (Wood, Fabric)

Organic textures like natural, untreated wood make a bold statement alongside aluminium frames, and the usual synthetic textures and other striking technologies visitors can expect to see at an exhibition. Fabrics have also been used in combination with aluminium frames for years, and latest trends indicate longer widths, vibrant imagery, and better quality printing on fabric.

Do not be afraid to combine some of these natural elements to give your stand design a new breath of life.


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