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Six Top Tios For Exhibition Success - Part 2

We have designed your stand; everything is looking great and the day has arrived. Now the success of your exhibition is down to how you and your team man the exhibition stand. Running a stand at a tradeshow or exhibition is hard work and can often be exhausting.

No one wants to see all their planning and preparation go to waste so we’ve put together this two-part post of six tips to help make your investment in trade shows and exhibitions more productive, more profitable, and even more rewarding.

Brief your team

Make sure your team knows exactly what to expect when the doors open. Everyone should already be trained and familiar with the key selling points of your products and services as well as how to handle leads. Decide on who your experts in certain areas are and decide on the roles accordingly so that your potential customers always land up in the right hands should they have questions and queries.

Provide reasons for people to talk to you

Having a great eye catching stand is only half the battle won as far as attracting visitors goes so you’ll need to go the extra mile. Some examples include: allowing your visitors to handle your products, demonstrate your equipment and discuss capabilities and benefits, encourage trial of your apps and software or provide a fun element with puzzles and games. Whatever you do remember it needs to support your company’s message.

Qualify the people you meet

Asking the right questions can help you sort the time wasters from potential customers. Ask questions like: "Hi, I see you’re looking at our stand, shall I give you an overview of how we help or is there something specific you’d like to know about what we do?” or "Which aspects of (the type of product/service we provide) are you most keen to improve?”

Are you looking to take this year’s exhibitions and tradeshows by storm? We have the expertise to get the job done. From design and build and to the manufacturing of exhibition stand, The Exhibitionist has got you covered. Contact us for more information today.


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