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Modular Or Custom Exhibition Stands

When it comes to stand design options, exhibitionists offer an array of shell structures and designs. With every company looking to stand out from the crowd, the possibilities seem endless, and the search for the perfect stand daunting. So how do you know which solution is the best for your display?

There are two main structure types to choose from: modular and custom design. Choosing between a modular solution and a custom exhibition stand becomes easier once you ask the following questions:

Do you require the stand as a one-time purpose or for multiple events?

Choose modular if you are a frequent exhibitor at trade shows. Modular solutions are reusable, easily reconfigurable and easily adaptable to changing space needs. Modular stands provide the flexibility to exhibit at multiple shows.

Furthermore, the easy assembly, portability, and transport of modular stands bring down the costs and time involved in the set-up. Hence it translates into a higher ROI.

Do you need to change designs often?

The disadvantage of modular stands is the limitation in materialising unique design concepts. A custom designed stand will offer a bespoke representation of your brand.

However, in recent years, exhibitionists have introduced the option to include custom-modular stands, in various pre-fabricated shapes and sizes. These look just as enticing as their custom stands counterparts and benefit from latest advancements such as high-end printing technology to allow for rapid customisation.

Do you have enough storage to warehouse the stand?

Bear in mind that, after the show, a custom solution can be stored easier and needs less space than various modular stands that would certainly fare better in a warehouse facility.

That said, if you plan on using the exhibit stand again, a modular solution will work best since you don’t need to order a different complete custom configuration the next time your company exhibits.

Not sure where to start in choosing your next exhibition display? From design and build and to the manufacturing of exhibition stand, The Exhibitionist has got you covered. Contact us for more information today


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