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How To Select The Ideal Furniture For Your Exhibition Stand

rental furniture for your exhibition stand is about balancing design and functionality to maximise your returns. Keep in mind the following points when you make your furniture choice.

Maximum Visibility and Appeal

Your exhibition stand is like a business card for your brand. Ensure your product showcase gets the maximum visibility to attract visitors and create the desired visual impact.

Furniture is an important part of the visual appeal and defines the look of your stand. Go for quality items that enhance the final look. If the budget does not allow for a wide variety of furniture, choose key quality items over quantity and focus on eye-catching product display.

Style and Design Themes

Define your stand look with your choice of furniture from antique and classic options to modern and cutting-edge appeal. Furniture can lend a certain atmosphere or image to your stand, so use it to your advantage.

If you are looking for a particular theme or colour scheme, ask about customising the furniture if the budget allows. If sustainability is an important issue to your brand, opt for eco-furniture in light, natural materials or recycled items.

Attractive Product Displays

Great product display solutions are essential for your exhibition stand. Consider the type of products you want to have on display at your stand to determine the right size and type of the furniture items.

Showcase your products to their best advantage. Choose display cases and shelves for small items. Larger and heavier products require solid furniture like tables and benches.

Functional Storage

Think about functional spaces and extra storage, not only aesthetics, when choosing exhibition furniture. The furniture will need to accommodate stocks of brochures, business cards, gifts bags, or any other spare items that are not on display.

Opt for custom exhibition furniture with plenty of space to hide what you don’t want visitors to see. Ask about lockable drawers or cupboards if you need to hide important valuables.

Seating Arrangements

Exhibitions days are usually long and tiring for your staff. Include a seating plan for your staff members if you plan to have more people manning the stand. Provide comfortable chairs for each member of the team.

Also, consider comfortable seating for stand visitors. Make provision in your seating arrangement for couches or extra seats where potential customers can sit in comfort and interact with your team members.

The Exhibitionist focuses on the design,build and manufacturing of bespoke exhibition platforms.From design and build and to the manufacturing of exhibition stand, The Exhibitionist has got you covered.

The Exhibitionist holds a selected range of furniture and AV equipment available for rental, inclusive of full stand packages.


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