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Four Amazing Product Display Tips For Trade Shows Exhibitors

If you have a physical product to promote and sell at trade shows, chances are you will want to maximise your results by displaying it in the very best way possible. Here are some great product display tips to improve the likelihood of your success.

1. Focus on the New and Big Sellers

Too many products to display? Don’t make the mistakes to clutter your stand with everything you have on offer. Too much product will create a busy look and refrain visitors from entering your stand. Keep it clean and simple.

Bring your best sellers or put on display your newly launched product in the series. Ensure you bring product catalogues, brochures and other advertising material for visitors to peruse and see your whole range of products if needed.

2. Demonstrate Products at the Stand

Buyers go to trade shows not only to get an overall view of the latest products available and compare offers but to get their hands on and watch them in action. Product demos are extremely effective in getting trade shows visitors’ attention to your display booth.

Engage prospects with eye-catching product demos that start conversations, generate buzz, and leave a lasting impression. Invest time and effort in your product demos and constantly practice and fine-tune these for best results at trade shows.

3. Highlight Products with Clever Displays

Make your products the star of the trade show by displaying them in visible places. Smaller products can be easily mounted to be displayed at eye-level. For larger products, usually exhibited on the floor, choose extra signage, additional props or a kiosk to highlight them.

Also, you can make use of extra lighting and place spotlights on product display cases and shelves, and use the stand’s layout and architecture to create a suitable setting for the product to emphasize its appeal and functionality.

4. Showcase Product Uniqueness

With so many products on display at trade shows, ensure your offer stands out. Always complement your product displays with graphics, banners, imagery, and signage that speak volumes about the product’s uniqueness and its benefits.

Support your products with larger graphics or multimedia displays and monitor projections that showcase their appeal and benefits, or simply project a product demonstration for visitors to watch at the stand. Tell the story of your product, and you have a winner.

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