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Exhibitions Lead To Better Customer Relationships

In the past, the brand-customer relationship was mainly transactional. The bulk of the marketing budget went to advertising and emphasis was placed on catchy slogans or memorable jingles. However, there have been many recent changes in the marketing field.

Customer focus no longer lies with who has the best advertising campaign, but rather with which brand can a relationship be formed. For both the present and the future, true value for both organisational brands and customers will come from engagement – a long-term and enduring relationship that benefits both parties.

Trade expos, consumer expos, exhibits, conferences and activations provide ideal channels to establish such relationships. They generate awareness, engage with people, amaze people and speak to their emotions. In the words of Michael LeBoeuf, "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

Although technology is the enabler of added value, business relationships are based on the foundations of trust and shared values. They are strongest when established in-person. Even in this Digital Age of Business, live events like trade shows are still very important. One has to think about the massive hype around Apple events where customers go and view the latest gadgets at exhibitions.

There is not a single other marketing channel which engages all five senses of the client at once. At a tradeshow, your customers can see, touch, hear, smell and taste what you have to offer. They can speak with someone directly about their experience, ask questions, give you real-time feedback. And, best of all, exhibitions bring your most active prospects and customers to you.

Research by the Centre for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) recently showed that 98 per cent of young exhibitors see unique value in trade shows that other marketing channels can not fulfil.

Exhibitions are an ideal place to start a great customer relationship. It allows for the gathering of contact details and information to follow all possible leads. With the digital work, there are available tools which will sustain and nurture that relationship over time.

If engagement is what you are looking for in your marketing strategy, exhibitions should become one of the cornerstones of your marketing mix.

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