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Benefits Of Choosing A Green Exhibition Stand

More and more companies defined by an eco-conscious philosophy choose to display reusable, scalable, and sustainable exhibition stands to add to their greening efforts. There are many benefits to opting for a sustainable exhibition design at your next expo or trade show.

Ethical Design

Ecological exhibition stands are built with ethical design in mind, translating into a low impact on environment due to the materials and finishes employed, and greater overall energy efficiency. Eco-certified fibre boards derived from natural fibres, such as engineered fibre board (EFB), are completely recyclable, reprintable, and reusable.

Sustainable exhibition stands made with EFB technology, such as Xanita, employ a low-energy consumption, a smarter use of lighting, and better acoustics.

The assembly is quick and clean, the buildup and breakdown is tool-free, and the stand itself is flat-packable an easy to store and reuse.

Logistics and Cost Efficiencies

The advantages, values, and attributes of sustainable exhibition stands go beyond the structure itself, which is made of recycled and repurposed materials.

Green-certified exhibition stands offer compelling benefits and cost efficiencies in labour, transport, handling, reuse and eventually in disposal, improving logistics.

Furthermore, due to the ease of repackaging and transportation, the stands can be easily reconfigured, rebranded and reused whenever and wherever needed by the client.

Improved Health and Safety

A clear advantage of choosing a green exhibition stand is the health and safety aspect. Sustainable eco stands are clean and odourless, with no harmful emissions due to the EFB component. If your brand is looking to capitalise on a green exhibition stand solution, factors such as energy efficiency, lack of static electricity, and sound mitigation are important considerations.

Speak to your exhibition stand supplier today to discuss the benefits of choosing a green exhibition stand for your next trade show or expo.

Not sure where to start in choosing your sustainable exhibition display? From design and build and to the manufacturing of exhibition stands, The Exhibitionist has got you covered.


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