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Ask For 3D Rendering For Your Exhibition Stand

second chance to do over your exhibition stand once it is being built and installed, so it pays to have a representation of the design solution you are buying.

Here is why 3D rendering is a necessity, and why your stand supplier should provide this service beforehand.

See the layout of your exhibition stand floor in real time

Technical drawings and sketches are not enough to get a real-feel representation of your projected idea for your exhibition stand.

With 3D rendering, the client gets the chance to view a far more accurate description of the project’s scale, depth, colour and style.

Rendering services usually include colour 3D visuals and technical drawings.

Include everything you want for your stand

A great 3D rendering will breathe life into your ideas and provide you with a big picture of your trade show booth, including furniture, audiovisual equipment, and product displays.

3D rendering is widely used in interior and exterior design to showcase projects with great success, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t request the service for your exhibition stand design.

Make layout and design adjustments

The most important benefit of having the 3D rendered visuals of your exhibition stand is the ability to make informed decisions about changes needed to be completed before building and installation.

Your exhibition stand supplier should be able to assist with custom designs according to your specific requirements.

Ask about feature designs and custom projects based on previous 3D renderings to get an idea of concept visuals, and what comes highly recommended by the industry experts.

The Exhibitionist can actualise your ideas, project your brand effectively, and display your products and services in an intriguing and exciting way.

We provide 3D computer-generated illustrations, which enables our clients to visualise their proposed concept.When presented, the client has the opportunity to suggest and require changes.


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