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Why Should You Have A Pop-Up Store

Multi-Channel selling is becoming more and more popular. It is not a bad idea to have more than one sales channel for your products or services. You may be doing pretty well in the digital realm of online sales, but a pop-up store could give you that much-needed sales boost.

A pop-up shop is a temporary retail activation. It has the potential to be put up for a day only or could be installed for a couple of months. It allows vendors to sell their products without the issues associated with committing to a lease, managing swarms of employees or needing to find constant ways to get foot traffic to your doorstep.

Pop-up stores come in many forms, including a store-within-a-store, a booth at shopping malls, fairs, farmer’s market or other mass gatherings.

The reasons for having a pop-up store include:

1. Additional revenue stream

If you have an existing e-commerce business, a pop-up store is a great way to venture into having an extra revenue option. It offers a unique opportunity for your company to experiment with offline sales.

The advantage is that pop-ups don’t cost nearly as much as traditional storefronts. If you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you could bring in a substantial profit while avoiding the risks traditional retailers face on a daily basis.

2. Location flexibility

As opposed to using a long-term physical space, a pop-up store allows you to go wherever your customers are.

3. Ideal for holiday-specific or sale seasons

61% of shoppers state that seasonal products are the main reason to shop at pop-up shops during the holidays (PopUp Republic report). These holiday pop-up stores are great for promoting new products, testing out an emerging market, liquidating surplus inventory or enhancing brand awareness while keeping costs as low as possible!

"When done properly, pop-up shops deliver long-lasting, long-term brand experiences, and they afford the opportunity to engage potential customers in a manner that leaves a lasting impression,” says Ray Hartjen, Marketing Director at RetailNext. We couldn’t agree more!

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