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Why Are Exhibition Stands So Popular

It appears that many companies now perceive business exhibitions and fairs as being a key facet of their marketing strategy. So why are these stands so popular, and is your business missing out? We are here to take away any scepticism about trade-shows and exhibition stands!

With the very competitive business market in South Africa, businesses are always looking for ways to boost, expose and expand their brand and aim to find innovative ways to reach that desired competitive advantage. The ultimate question is: How can exhibition stands help?

Here are some reasons why exhibition stands have become so popular:

1. Profitable platform for sales

For years, businesses have been using exhibitions as their chosen point-of-sale platform. This is because exhibitions attract a wide variety of buyers and companies, and can enhance their customer base and sales.

Another great advantage of exhibitions is that it gives your business the opportunity to reach out to the buyers directly, which can save money by avoiding retailers and dealers.

2. Improved communication with customers

Unlike some of the other marketing medium, exhibitions provide the opportunity for exhibitors to communicate directly with their target group. They allow you to network within your given niche or market.

We are all aware of the importance of forming that interpersonal relationship with your target group, which may provide your business with great insight into the psyche of the consumers. This personal interaction is valuable!

3. Gives you a chance to keep an eye on competitors

Since trade-shows are generally industry-specific, most of your competitors will also be at the exhibition.

The wise words of the Chinese philosopher, Sun Tzu, shows the importance of knowing your competition:

"When you know both yourself as well as your competition, you are never in danger. To know yourself and not others gives you half a chance of winning. Knowing neither yourself or your competition puts you in a position to lose.”

The Exhibitionist focuses on the design, build and manufacturing of bespoke exhibition platforms. From the design and build to the selection of exhibition stands, The Exhibitionist has got you covered.

Tick All the Right Boxes for Your Next Exhibition Show

It is common knowledge that trade shows offer a prime opportunity to showcase your business to a concentrated group ofprospective clients. All companies desire to stand out from thecrowd and show customers why they should be the supplier of choice.

However, the inability to pull off a terrific exhibition stand could have detrimental consequences on your brand image, wasting money or losing potential clients.

With potential business at stake, it is crucial to be aware of the biggest "DOs” and "DONTs.” The Exhibitionist ensures that you embrace the "DOs,” as this could be the difference between a successful or disappointing experience.

Have you ticked the following boxes?

™ Great planning

An exhibition should be treated like any other area of your business. It needs to have clearly defined objectives, a strategy for achieving them, a solid game plan, and a contingency plan. It is essential to have a clear goal before you even consider exhibiting.

™ Hire properly trained staff

One of the most common mistakes at exhibitions is the use of untrained or unsuitable staff to man the stall. If your staff looks unprofessional, disinterested or disorganised, potential customers will walk past. We suggest that you put forward your best team to ooze confidence, enthusiasm and knowledge.

™ Have an inviting and appealing stand design

The design of your stand is the first factor that event attendees will consider and will guide their decision as to whether or not they should stop at your booth. First impressions make all the difference, so ensure that yours is a good one!

™ Use of imaginative giveaways

Trade show attendees love giveaways or promotional gifts! Since events such as this are filled with freebies, your giveaways need to stand out. If your business usually offers those branded pens, it can lead to a waste of money. Ask yourself three questions:

· Is it relevant?

· Is it necessary?

· Is it unique?

™ Ensure that you promote your presence

The sooner that you raise awareness that your company will be attending a trade show, the better.Too many exhibitors rely on the false hope of the famous misquote: "If you build it, theywill come.”

It is important to remember that visitors are never guaranteed, so your business must do their share in ensuring that their presence at the trade show is known. Pre-show activities can also be done including posts on social media, announcement on your website and ensure inclusion in the trade show programme.

™ Follow-ups with leads

After all the hard work, time and money you’ve invested into pulling off a show-stopping exhibition stand,ensure that you do not fall into the trap of not following through with the opportunities you havegenerated. Ensure that you get in contact with interested parties promptly after the event.

If you are looking to make a lasting impression with your exhibition stand, we have the expertise to get the job done.

From the design and build to the manufacturing of the exhibition stand, The Exhibitionist has got you covered. Contact us for more information today.


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