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What Is A Modular Stand Design?

Exhibitions and trade shows offer businesses and brands the perfect opportunity to showcase their goods and services, connect with existing and potential customers. When planning an exhibition, its crucial to choose the type of exhibition stand you want to use. One of the stand designs we have available to clients is modular stand design, which offers various benefits and advantages to clients looking for an adjustable stand with good return on investment. What is Modular Stand Design? Modular exhibition stands have flexible, adaptable and reusable properties. You can build up several different layouts and looks with a modular stand design by simply adding or reducing some of the modular parts. This makes them ideal for use across an exhibitor’s entire events programme. Modular stand design is perfect for medium and large-scale exhibitions. When deciding on a stand design, it’s essential to understand your own needs and wants and the options available to you. Set up a thorough checklist with your priorities, needs and budget and discuss the stand with your stand designer. The benefits of modular stand design: Consistent look: With a modular design, one can easily present the same look at various events. Reconfigurable: The modularity of these types of displays enable multiple display configurations as the interconnected and interchangeable pieces can be easily adjusted. Modular designs can easily be moved around and tailored to fit the stand space and the needs of the exhibition. In contrast, custom stand designs are made for single use. Better return-on-investment: modular designs are generally more inexpensive than other stand designs, due to lower transportation costs and reusability. Eco-friendly: These types of stands have a lighter impact on the environment, as modular stand designs are used more than once. Portability: modular designs can be transported easily. This makes it more cost-effective and simpler to move around. Limited time and team members needed for installation: Compared to custom stands, modular designs are easy to assemble. Most companies do not have a large workforce to build large stands at the exhibitions that they attend, and modular stands do not require a large or technically skilled labour force. Reusable components: A great benefit of modular exhibition stands is the ability to reuse the stand framework again and again. Modern modular exhibition stands can now be made to look like custom exhibition stands and this stand choice offers clients great versatility and functionality. The Exhibitionistfocuses on the design, build and manufacturing of bespoke exhibition platforms. From the design and build to the manufacturing of exhibition stands, The Exhibitionist has got you covered.


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