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Tips For A More Sustainable Exhibition

Going green has never been more fashionable or more necessary. It seems like modern society has suddenly realised the impact their decisions have on the planet, and more and more people have increased their efforts to go green. But how to do so when managing an event or exhibition? Here are seven great tips for creating an eco-friendlier exhibition stand.

  1. Reusable stand elements

When designing your stand, keep in mind ways to reuse and repurpose stand elements. Modular stands make it possible for exhibitors to have custom-made stands made, which can be re-used, adjusted or fitted together in an entirely different way, enabling them to be used at other shows.

  1. Recyclable or eco-friendly flooring

Opt for flooring made from recyclable materials or eco-friendly materials and try to ensure that you can use the flooring for future stands.

  1. Efficient lighting

Lighting is a crucial addition to any exhibition stand but may also use vast amounts of energy resources. Choose LED lights for your stand, which are more energy efficient than traditional lightbulbs. LED lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%!

  1. Embrace digital

Scrap paper and go digital! Many exhibitors now offer sophisticated methods to share promotional information- add some tablets to your stand, create a QR code or make use of an events app.

  1. Source your materials mindfully

When creating your exhibit space, source recycled products and materials. Select materials that you know have been recycled, or those that you know can be recycled or reused after the exhibition is over. Choose timber and wood products which originate from well-managed forests. 6. Replace plastic gift items Instead of handing out promotional items made of traditional plastic, opt for biodegradable plastics, wood or cardboard. You can easily find attractive bamboo pens, eco-friendly notebooks, reusable shopping bags and more. Glass water bottles are another great gift! Eco-friendly gifts are a huge hit with attendees.

  1. Cut down on carbon emissions

Don’t forget about transport when assessing your environmental footprint. Think of ways to reduce transportation (and thereby fuel costs). You can lower transportation needs by using lightweight stands, using stand designs that can be flat packed and hiring locals to man the booth, instead of driving or flying someone else in.

Harness these tips to create your spin on eco-friendly stands! Create that competitive edge by creating an eco-friendly exhibition space, which is sure to be beloved by visitors and gentle on the planet. And, as always, an experienced exhibition stand partner is your best tool for turning these ideas into reality.


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