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Selecting & Using Exhibition Space

Careful planning, meticulous preparation and co-ordinated collaboration are all factors that go into creating an extraordinary exhibition stand design. The desire is to ensure that heads turn and attention is grabbed!

Consider the elements below when selecting and using the exhibition space to ensure your business creates a strong impression and stands out from the rest of the crowd:


It is very important to know what will be needed to run the stand. It may include electricity, gas or water. Ensure that the specific stand can offer and install them. A power source is always a must-have. It must also not pose any health or safety risks to staff and customers.


A question to pose is which stand features gadgets such as screens, slideshow, touchpoint devices, tablets etc. will be needed to enhance the effectiveness of our stand. Make sure that they will fit within the given space. Access to wi-fi will be another no-brainer consideration.


Hiring the right people to man your stand could determine the success or failure of the exhibition. They often require training on how to greet people, what information to provide and to implement the general marketing strategies of the organisation.

Target audience

The design of your trade show stand is vital to keep your target audience in mind. The design should fulfil their wants and needs. After all, a superb exhibit that attracts prospects who are not going to buy from the business is worthless.

Marketing collateral

Marketing collateral is used to support a company's primary advertising message to consumers. The aim is to communicate important information to channel partners about a company's products or services. Marketing collateral can take the form of newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, web blogs, brochures and electronic displays.

Space Maximisation

The business must take full advantage of the allocated exhibit stand. It is always a good idea to phone the organisers to confirm dimensions.

The Exhibitionist focuses on the design, build and manufacturing of bespoke exhibition platforms. From the design and build to the selection of exhibition stands, The Exhibitionist has got you covered.


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