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Need More Buzz? Add An Event Or Exhibition Lounge

If you are looking for a location where you can exclusively meet with selected customers, other exhibitors or VIPs away from the hustle and bustle of the event or trade show floor, look no further than an exhibition lounge. An exhibition lounge with enough seating invites guests to take a break from the busy showroom, grab some coffee or lunch, and sit down to make a call, take notes, or browse through their social media feed. Delegates need a break now and then. Having a lounge set up at an event or exhibition is a major advantage for your potential clients and exhibition attendees.

A business lounge is a good option that can be flexibly arranged for meeting points, networking sessions, coffee breaks or enjoyment and relaxation while being associated with your brand.

An Internet lounge allows delegates the opportunity to stay connected while on the exhibit floor. This option is located in the exhibition area and attracts high traffic during peak hours, which is a great opportunity to enhance visibility and provide semi-private meeting spaces.

A VIP lounge is a great option to treat your most loyal clients, entice prospects and position your brand at the forefront of your industry. A luxurious display and set up conveys quality, professionalism, and staying power. Furthermore, an events lounge can easily be enhanced by its location through an outdoor terrace extension, or the proximity to a seminar room used for presentations during the event or exhibition.

An exhibition and events lounge offer unique opportunities to attract visitors and convey your branding message in a specially designed area with seating arrangements. Choose a reputable supplier to assist with the most beneficial design and setup.

The Exhibitionist offers a wide array of lounge packages, AV and furniture rentals. Contact our team for further details.

The Exhibitionist focuses on the design, build and manufacturing of bespoke exhibition platforms. From the design and build to the manufacturing of exhibition stands, The Exhibitionist has got you covered.


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