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Exhibition Design through Covid-19

As we know the pandemic has changed the way we live, work and design, but has it impacted the way we explore spaces?

Exhibition design has not changed how we structurally bring the brand across but rather how we showcase the client’s products and services. Being mindful of surroundings around the product in the design, this means no more long lines of spotlighted products as we have to adhere to social distancing.

Has this changed the way we design Exhibitions?

The answer is yes. Exhibitions will require larger floor space allocated per stand to allow for social distancing and other safety measures put in place due to Covid-19 and its impact on the globe. Budgets have also had an influence on this, as the financial belt has been tightened across all industries. Designers are facing new challenges, larger spaces with smaller budgets.

Exhibitions, safety and PPE

A delegate at an expo/show cannot just walk, touch and interact as they did before but now to be mindful of their and other surroundings within the venue. Social distancing, sanitizer dispensers and the wearing of PPE is now a considered line item when designing client exhibition stands and showcasing their brand and product stands. These rules and regulations have changed the way we interact with spaces, people and products. As people have become more mindful of others, the way we explore and experience exhibitions have indeed been affected.

2020 has brought on several challenges for the exhibition industry, we have seen a 6 month-long hibernation, now is the time to lay a new path for events and exhibitions. Our sense of exploration has been altered, but not eliminated.


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