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Don't Forget About Lighting At Your Exhibition Stand!

Lighting: so unimportant, So simple, right? Wrong.

When it comes to exhibition stands, lighting is about so much more than just making your stand visible; it can be used to influence how a customer or potential customer perceives your extension stand, and therefore, your company. You can choose between LED tape, moving lights, uplights, string lights and more to create the perfect lighting solution for your business. Good lighting can differentiate your booth from that of the competition, attract visitors, and so much more!

At an expo or trade show, the goal is to attract and retain visitor’s interest while working with limited space and competing with a large number of companies for both business and attention. A lack of lighting will immediately dissuade potential customers from visiting your stand, or might even make them miss your stand entirely! Here’s how smart lighting can be used with your stand:


The lighting you use can contribute to your brand look and feel. Lighting reinforces your brand and should work with your corporate identity. The lights you use at your stand creates a mood or atmosphere which needs to be suited to your consumer’s needs. Warm light is associated with a calm and cosy atmosphere, while colder lighting is known to stimulate mental and physical activity.

Highlight messaging or products

With clever lighting, you can highlight important messaging, logos or new products! This can be done subtly or dramatically. Spotlights can be used to emphasise messaging or draw consumers attention to certain points at your stand.

Attract attention

Grabbing event-goers attention should be one of your foremost priorities at an exhibition, because once you have their attention you can wow them with your amazing product or service! With great lighting, you can draw visitors to your stand and ensure that your brand name and booth stand out even from a distance.

There you go- now you know how to use lighting solutions to improve your booth design and create the perfect exhibition solutions for your business!

The Exhibitionistfocuses on the design, build and manufacturing of bespoke exhibition platforms. From the design and build to the manufacturing of exhibition stands, The Exhibitionist has got you covered. For more information please contact us at 011 794 4478 or


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