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A Look Back At 2018: The Exhibition Trends & Innovations That Made 2018 Great

2018 has just swooped by, filled with fascinating exhibitions, interesting news and creative innovations. And with the end of the year fast approaching, we thought a little look back at the trends and innovations that shaped 2018 would be an excellent way to send off the year!

1. Technology

Technology has become a massive part of how we receive and engage with information, and this could be seen with the increased use of technology at exhibitions in 2018. Specialised apps, virtual reality programs and social media engagement was a key aspect of exhibitions in 2018. Virtual Reality (VR) formed an important part thereof, drawing in spectators with its novelty and interactivity, as well as creative designs. Social media platforms were used to create interest, as well as engage with visitors and host giveaways.

2. Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly was the buzzword for this year, as awareness surrounding human beings’ impact on the environment has reached new heights. Consumers at large are adopting more eco-friendly practices, and it seems that exhibitors are aware of this. This was clearly demonstrated by the eco-conscious developments that we saw pop up at exhibitions and shows. Exhibitors made use of eco-friendly materials, re-usable marketing materials, digital promotional materials, local suppliers, recyclable flooring and efficient lighting.

3. Interactive exhibitions

The ‘Non-booth’ was the display of 2018- booths that were designed to seem more like stores or hangouts, creating exciting spaces for visitors to engage with the content and the exhibitors. Interactive activities also formed an essential part of many exhibitions key appeal, with many exhibitors choosing to make use of Virtual Reality, touch screens, holographic displays, games and competitions. Exhibitors clearly demonstrated a need to stand out from the crowd with personalised and exciting interactive exhibits.

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