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6 Top Tips For Displaying Your Product At An Exhibition - Part 2

An exhibition or trade show is the perfect opportunity for your customers and potential customers to see, touch and interact with your product in person. These unique set of circumstances allows you to win over customers who may not have heard of your product but would certainly be interested if they had a personal encounter with it. In this two-part post, we look at six tips for displaying products effectively that will help you maximise this opportunity.

Do you want visitors to hold your product?

Deciding on whether you want visitors to your stand to be able to hold your product or not will impact your stand design and the way you choose to display your products. High value products should be displayed in locked display cases. For products your visitors can pick up display, plinths and podiums that provide easy access are your best bet.

How much stock will you take?

Will you be showcasing your entire range of products or just a few? How much stock are your planning on taking? If you’re planning to display an entire range and would like to carry a lot of product set up an area on the side of your stand where you can display everything without overcrowding your stand. Alternatively, you could use technology and showcase your full product range online using tablets set up throughout your stand instead of the actual products.

Let your product do the work

Tradeshows and exhibitions are the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how your product works and show people what it does. Demonstrations create a buzz around an event so make sure you have enough demo products for all your stand staff and that if your product requires power you have access to a reliable power source throughout the show.

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