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6 Top Tips For Displaying Your Product At An Exhibition - Part 1

An exhibition or trade show is the perfect opportunity for your customers and potential customers to see, touch and interact with your product in person. These unique set of circumstances allows you to win over customers who may not have heard of your product but would certainly be interested if they had a personal encounter with it. In this two-part post, we look at six tips for displaying products effectively that will help you maximise this opportunity.

Make the product the focal point

If your presence at an exhibition or trade show is solely about showcasing your products or launching a new product you need to keep this in mind at every stage of the planning process for your exhibition stand. When designing the stand, and selecting your equipment ensure that you always have the product in mind.

Size matters

The size of your products will ultimately determine how they should be displayed. If your products are large enough anchor your entire stand around them making them the focal point however, if they are smaller you may need to design your stand in such a way that you draw attention to them. For example, you could use graphics on your stand to zoom into the product and give people a close-up of the product.

Lighting is the key

Lighting, if done correctly, can do so much for the display of your products. Think carefully about lighting up your stand and how to use it to draw attention to your products. Dingy lighting will do very little for your products because your visitors will not be able to see clearly what your product is about. Poor lighting will also come across as suspicious and as if you have got something to hide.

Don’t miss part two of our post where we look at three more tips for displaying products effectively at exhibitions and tradeshows.

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